9 ICCP 2022

Community psychology is a young discipline. However, as disciplines go, it has developed rapidly. This may be due to different factors including a group of very active pioneers, its widespread initiation in different parts of the globe and the availability of the internet as a means of communication and sharing. I venture to say that International Community Psychology Conferences (ICCP’s) have also played a significant role in the discipline’s growth, its values, its theories and practice.

International Community Psychology Conferences began 14 and a half years ago. Similar to the start of many community efforts, they were initiated by a group of friends that had a good idea which was picked up by a group of enthusiastic, hardworking community psychologists who gave it life in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The conferences have various characteristics which represent values and concepts of community psychology.

Participation and diversity are at the forefront. These conferences are not housed in any particular organization. This was decided purposefully. The initial organizers wanted the conferences to respond to the interest, resources and energy of community psychologist. They did not know if there would be more than one conference; so they refrained from naming it the “First” ICCP. It has been fascinating to see how the event has literally taken on a life of its own. We have had 8 conferences so far in Puerto Rico, Portugal, México, Spain, Brasil, South Africa, Chile and Melbourne (virtually). There are two confirmed sites for the next two conferences: Italy and Uruguay. An average of 611 participants, representing an average of 34 countries, have attended these conferences. Hopefully, with the possibility of hosting virtual or hybrid events the conferences can reach other corners of the world including Asia which there has not been an ICCP yet.  There has also been diversity in attendees since in addition to psychologists, students, practitioners, activists, indigenous peoples and colleagues from other disciplines attend the conferences.


Visit the congress website: https://9iccpnaples.com/ 

For more informazion please contact: iccp2022@gmail.com