International Summer School in Community Research - 4th edition

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The Italian Society of Community Psychology (SIPCO) organizes the fourth edition of the International Summer School in Community Research, which will be dedicated to working with communities through the lens of open innovation and impact.

The Theory of Change (ToC) is an approach to strategic planning that is based on building a shared collective vision. It supports the involved actors in a process aimed at describing the sequence of events that is expected to lead to the achievement of a defined goal through the articulation of several assumptions about how change occurs in a planning context – in terms of ideas, conditions, assumptions about how events change, the way they change conditions, how circumstances change, how people and organizations act, how territorial ecosystems work.

During the course you will experience how to apply ToC to the planning of a project and to the engagement of actors and stakeholders in this, both in building the meanings and the elaborating the results.


To register, fill out the form at the following link by June 15th:

For additional information contact us at or visit the SIPCO website.